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Sheet Pan Chicken with Spring Veggies Recipe

A one-dish chicken dinner wonder featuring fresh spring veggies! Grab your sheet pan and work up an appetite for this quick and easy family dinner. Sheet pan chicken and spring veggies is simple, filling, and fresh. Sheet pan meals are pretty…

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Lunch Brunch Quiche

I don't know about you but I have a hard time getting moving in the mornings and I am always looking for new breakfast and lunch ideas that will help kick things off in the right direction. Well today I…

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Quinoa with Fresh Peas Recipe

Nothing says springtime quite like peas. This quinoa with fresh peas recipe is just the side dish you need this season. It's light, tasty, and high in protein! It's springtime and peas are coming in season. I love peas! Behind…

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Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Spinach Pesto Recipe

A fun and delicious side dish for the whole family. Smashed sweet potatoes are great for little hands to hold and pack in great nutrition, especially with spinach pesto on top! Sometimes you just need a new way to prepare…

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Ay Caramba! Coleslaw

Sweet cranberries and poppy seed dressing on this crunchy coleslaw can turn around even the most hesitant salad eaters. Sometimes my kids ignore their veggies. Shocker, I know. When it happens a few days in a row, it’s usually a…

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Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Cakes

Lunchbox-perfect Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Cakes are gluten-free, whole grain, and filled with colorful, familiar veggies. Here's an irresistible way to eat quinoa, and get your kids to eat it, too: turn the ancient grain into a tasty and portable baked…

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Spring Rolls Easter Platter

We're having an Easter dinner on Sunday with the grandparents and my sisters family!  In trying to determine how we could incorporate fruits and veggies into our appetizers, I thought about one of my favorite party-friendly snacks: pinwheels. We love them…

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Springalicious Easter Smoothie Recipe

If you're looking for some super fun and healthy additions to your Easter breakfast, these smoothies are perfect! And you can feel great about providing your kids with awesome nutrition to fuel their busy holiday weekend. From our Smoothie book, kids…

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Make Ahead Lunch Bowls: Greek Chicken & Veggies

Make lunch for the whole week in just 30 minutes! Greek chicken make ahead lunch bowls are great for busy moms or older kids. Easy prep, balanced nutrition, and complete deliciousness! These Greek chicken make ahead lunch bowls are made…

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3 Minute (and 3 Ingredient) Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

A new cookbook is out, and I love it!  Our friend Arman from Big Man's World writes the most delectable recipes for healthy desserts! Many of the recipes in his new cookbook, Clean Sweets, are designed for one or two…

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Fruit & Veggie Sheet Pan Pancakes Recipe

Love pancakes but hate standing over the griddle while the family eats? We have a solution: sheet pan pancakes! Plus, these include fruits AND veggies (and they're whole wheat)! An easy, wholesome family breakfast that also tastes great. Pancakes are…

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Healthy Morning Glory Muffins

Our healthy remake of these classic cafe Morning Glory Muffins is bursting with flavor! Not to mention 100% whole grains and a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. My family loves muffins… pretty much all muffins! So I’m always looking for…

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