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Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Summer is here! We are spending all kinds of time tending to our garden (including a little strawberry patch, it's dreamy), building our house (seriously, we're doing the work ourselves and it's such a labor of love!), and playing in…

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Creating Your Own At-Home Summer Camp

Hi Friends...Hope you're have a great summer! It's Toria from the Step Stool Chef and we have been having a fantastic summer.  This summer, we have done something a little different and decided to hold our own summer camp at…

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No-Bake Carrot Cake Bites

When you're in need of a quick, healthy snack (or sweet treat), these carrot cake bites are the perfect recipe! They require no cooking, are quick to make, slightly sweet and packed with healthy ingredients! Energy bites and energy balls…

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Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad

An easy and healthy pasta salad recipe packed full of delicious summer vegetables. Hello! It's Ciara again from My Fussy Eater and I'm excited to be back here again on Super Healthy Kids sharing my recipes and tips for feeding…

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10 Healthy Homemade Takeout Recipes

Put down those takeout menus and find inspiration with these 10 healthy homemade versions of your family's favorite takeout recipes. Does you family love takeout food? I know we do! Especially Friday night. It's movie and pizza night! There's something…

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30 Kid Friendly Summer Snacks

30 Kid Friendly Summer Snacks - Fun and healthy snack ideas for kids! Perfect for summer snacking. Hi! Tiffany from Feel Great in 8 back again! Summer is here which means family fun and of course hungry kids home all…

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First Day of School Made Easier with No Bake Cereal Bars

No-Bake Cereal Bars!  We are proudly sponsored by General Mills to share the improvements they've made to our favorite cereals! I've always been that kid that loved the first day of school! I loved the new clothes, the new teachers, and…

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Top 3 Things To Look for in Kids Fitness Coach

While approaches may vary, good youth fitness coaches aim to achieve similar goals.  Coaches strive to help children develop self discipline, leadership skills, a sense of teamwork, and confidence.  Establishing these attributes during formative years builds a foundation that will…

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Top 10 Healthy Habits Kids Should Have Before Leaving Home

While potty training a child, many of us, in an exasperated state, have probably wondered if we’d ever be successful.  But then, one day, your little one completely masters the potty and leaves diapers behind for good.  There are many…

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Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Bowls

Now that we are in the middle of grilling season, I wanted to share one of my favorite meals. An entire meal that can be served in a bowl is a great way to enjoy a healthy serving of protein,…

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3 Fruit and Veggie Popsicles

3 Healthy Fruit and Veggie Popsicles for healthy summer snacking. They're colorful, delicious, and your whole family will love them!  I live in perhaps the hottest state in the United States. From April to October we live in 90-100 degree temperatures,…

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Summer Veggie Grilled Pizza with Whole Grain Crust

One way to get kids crazy for veggies is to pair them with pizza! My kids have gobbled up spinach, onions, mushrooms, kale, peppers, and even zucchini on pizza! This pizza features a classic marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers,…

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